Dynamic Wisdom: a film in preparation

«When you are not accepted into a system, you have to create your own system. »

A radical and unprecedented dive into the microcosm of a self-managed collective. After two years sleeping on the streets, 25 Nigerians and 3 Swiss, created the Dynamic Wisdom Collective. They live together in an abandoned house. But until when?

A small, unpretentious, urban house that you pass by regularly, without paying any attention to it. It is impossible to imagine the life and reality that reigns within these four walls. But until when… ?

Almost two years of shooting. Unprecedented access. Film characters who take you into this completely parallel world, precarious but very organized, of which we know nothing about and is so removed from our reality. A film without restraint, which speaks to you here and now, in present day Switzerland about racism, fear, solidarity, police brutality, organizing a collective, resourcefulness, drugs, family and especially friendship.

Neither miserable nor paternalistic, the film DYNAMIC WISDOM, made with and about the collective will make you discover an untold reality of Switzerland.

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What's special about our project

DYNAMIC WISDOM is, first of all, a human adventure before being a movie.

The film will show a very hard reality. But also a very creative and positive reality. Powerful and respectful images that do not ooze vulnerability or miserabilism.

It is also about showing another image of us, who are often pointed at. There is an avalanche of articles in the press, usually negative. But in the end we don’t know much about our lives.

We are about thirty members in total comprising of the collective and professionals of the cinema who work together, so that this film can see the light of day.

In addition to the film, and thanks to the commitment of several artists (Nigerian, Swiss, Turkish), we already have the original soundtrack of the film completely unpublished and incredible which will also be an album and we will perform live concerts (AKA Studio). The 823 collective also has created limited edition clothes of the film.

A great music video specialist is working on the creation of 3 music videos that will also be integrated into the film.

Get involved in this adventure with us!

What your support will be used for

We have given everything we had for more than two years to film the daily life in this house. We received the Development Award from the Pourcent Culturel Migros (Locarno 2018) which helped us finance part of the filming and equipment.

But we need at least 20’000.- for the editing and post-production of this urgent film!

  • 30,000.- if possible,
  • and 40’000.- ideally.

Each step will bring us closer to the ideal amount for this film to exist!

As you surely know, all the technical aspects of filmmaking (sound and image equipment, editing room, sound studio, etc.) are extremely expensive.

Also, we would like to give our thanks in advance to all those who have helped us so far.

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