Eco Agri Tourism in Slovenia

We are planning to renovate our old traditional Slovenian house (farm) and invite guests to this beautiful place in a cozy corner of the Gorichko National Park on the border of three countries: Slovenia, Austria, Hungary. We want to invite people close to us in spirit, those who easily and organically connect with nature.

What's so special about our project ?

In our dream project, we want to combine three very important topics for us: agriculture, ecotourism, and traditional architecture. First of all, we have a unique location in a very special place on the border of three 3 countries. Our guests will get a unique combination of experience and emotions while walking or working in our beautiful garden, watching lamas and goats at a nearby farm, visiting local wineries, and thermal spas, and having a rest in a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. We believe as well that it is very important to preserve old traditional architecture and elements of historical material culture. Also, this is a great project for the tourist development of the municipality of Šalovci (Slovenia). For us, it is important to include our project in the process of development within the local community.

What will your support be used for?

We took care of the structural work, the infrastructure, the technical design. But we still need your help.

You can participate in the financing of 120-years old traditional Slovenian farm renovation:

  • the rebuilding of house and stables;
  • restoration of a traditional bread oven;
  • renewal of the electrical network and heating system;
  • rooms for guests, and attic refurbishment;
  • purchasing of hens (several breeds, including some Swiss ones, Appenzeller).

Each level of project implementation will allow us to get a little closer to the ultimate goal. We are looking for:

a minimum of 40 000 EUR, 55 000 EUR if possible, and 70 000 EUR ideally.

We would like to thank all those who will make this project possible.