Educating Underprivileged Teenagers in Kenya

International Village School (IVS) opened in 2008. To date, 265 students have written final national exams, with over 70% qualifying for government loans for university or technical college.

Each sponsored student is given a uniform, sports kit, textbooks, stationery and 2 meals a day free of charge, which is extremely important for their health and academic performance.

Thirteen years later, IVS is now facing one of its biggest challenges. COVID-19 has caused unprecedented difficulties for many charities and IVS now faces one of its biggest challenges. IVS has a shortfall of CHF 10’000 in order to keep running in 2022.


What we achieve

85% of our students achieved a C+ Grade and above in their 2020/21 final exams, which qualifies them to go to university or technical college — compared to 19% of schools nationwide in Kenya. Further education empowers them to get a job and reduce poverty in their community. IVS, with your help, assists children-in-need get out of their impoverished situation through education.


Why Help?

  • If we are unable to raise enough funds for 2022, IVS will have to close its doors which will mean an end to the education of 115 students and the employment of 15 staff.

  • IVS sponsors orphans, or those from extremely poor families, often living with grandparents, to finish their education. In Kenya almost 30% of children stop their education at primary level, mainly due to lack of fees.

  • IVS has an excellent success rate offering quality education. In 2019, IVS was 4th out of 163 Vihiga County Schools and 1st out of 20 Emuhaya Sub-County Schools.

  • The Kenyan Government recently made it obligatory to have 30 students per class, this is an increase of 20 children in 4 classes at IVS for whom we need to find international sponsorship.

  • 100% of the donations go to the school, no administration fees are charged by ConnectSwiss.