Purpose of this CD

El canto del cisne negro emerged as a concept for a concert, which took place in June 2017 in Vienna. With your support it might turn soon into a CD production. Why this program? On the one hand we had the need of spreading the classical Latin American music, especially the least known genre of it, the chamber music. On the other hand the cello, the most versatile string instrument that goes from an accompanying role to a soloist one, is still a quite unknowned instrument in the Latin American culture, where mainly the voice, piano, guitar and violin are more popular. We also wanted to show the high quality of these compositions to the mainstream public. This project will be recorded at the end of 2019 and will be released next year. We thank you already for your support!


The composers and interpreters

Villa Lobos’ O canto do cisne negro, a poem and an excerpt from Naufrágio de Kilonikos gives the title to our CD.
We will interprete works by Brazilian composer H. Villa Lobos, Argentinian composer C. Gaito, Mexican composer M. Ponce, Cuban composer E. Lecuona, Dominican composer J. A. Molina, Dominican composer L. Rivera, Chilean composer L. Saglie, Dominican composer Nicole Peña Comas.

Nicole Peña Comas is a Dominican awarded cellist that graduated with honors from the (MDW) University of music and performing arts of Vienna. She currently lives in Vienna and dedicates to different projects with orchestra, chamber music, as cello pedagoge and soloist. She released in 2017 her first chamber music album «Souvenir latino» alongside her ensemble Spirituosi. www.nicolepenacomas.net

Hugo Llanos Campos is a Chilean awarded pianist which is currently finishing his master studies at the MUK Music and Art Private University of Vienna. He currently lives in Vienna and dedicates to different projects with orchestra, chamber music, solo recitals. He released in 2017 his solo album, which is called «Un Corazón al fin del Mundo».


We need your support!

We already found a label, a recording studio, and a place for the CD release concert.

With your support we will be able to cover all the expenses of a CD production, such as:

  • Recording
  • Recording Studio
  • Mastering
  • Editing
  • Composition copyrights
  • Texts *CD Print *Fotos and Video *Promotion