El niño del sur


Milan and Lugano

Diamante's new EP is a musical collection of 7 unreleased tracks. It tells the story of a young man with a gypsy soul who sings about love, seaside memories and life in the south.


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Concluded on 13/5/2024

A Successful EP: Story of a Gypsy Soul

El niño del sud is my new EP that I have been dreaming of making for a long time. This EP is really special to me: it will mark my artistic evolution and fully realize my idea of conceiving art and the artistic direction that will accompany me in the music world. With this album I want to touch people’s souls, with gypsy sounds and the meaning of delicate words. A hymn to freedom, to a heart boiling like the sun in midsummer, a return to the roots. This EP is for the people.

A New Artistic Direction

This EP will give my career a real turning point. Thanks to this album, I will be able to build a curated and targeted storytelling, giving life to an artistic identity with depth. This will allow my music to position itself in the vast record market with a truly valid project. The goal will be to sign a contract with a Major and thus expand also to other nations. Why not? Maybe Eurovision.

Your Help Can Contribute to Success

Your support is really important at this point in my artistic career. The money I will be able to receive will be invested in:

Song production: This includes the creation of the instrumental tracks, the arrangement of the songs, and the recording of all the instruments. Mixing and mastering: This is the process of polishing the sound of the songs to make them sound professional and ready for release. Vocal recording: This will be done in a professional studio to ensure the best possible sound quality. Online and offline promotion: This will include advertising the EP on social media, music websites, and in print publications. Two professional video clips: These will be released as the debut of the next artistic project.

Un regalo per te!
Un regalo per te!