They do not need to be saved! A charitable project to launch a social and solidarity micro-enterprise in the DRC. 6 students, 12 orphans, one joinery and You for a future filled with hope.

CHF 1’193

119% of CHF 1’000

119 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 9/5/2022

Who are we?

We are 6 students at the University of Geneva who, as part of the Projets Responsables course, have formed a team from different faculties – economics and management, education sciences and children’s rights – different cultures and origins, all together for the same cause: bring a ray of hope where armed conflict threatens the future of young people. Thus, from diversity springs hope. This project is in collaboration with two associations: Roule ma Poule, the managers of the orphanage and Bulles d’Espoir who will take care of the joinery.

  • Photo prise lors de la tenue d’un stand à l’université afin de sensibiliser les passants au projet.
    Photo prise lors de la tenue d’un stand à l’université afin de sensibiliser les passants au projet.

Improving the quality of life through professional training

We want to enable orphans collected from their youngest age by the Roule Ma Poule association to access a professional training that will guarantee their employment at the end. By funding the training of these young orphans, we want to give them hope for the future and thus prevent them from becoming an easy target for North Kivu terrorists who often turn them into child soldiers. With YOUR donation, they will be trained in woodcraft (joinery).

The project was conceived in a logic of knowledge transfer, empowerment and is part of sustainable development (good quality of education, a decent job and economic growth). The joinery that you are going to fund will allow the young people to work and slowly and eventually become responsible. In this way they will become actors of society and will, in turn, contribute to bring hope around them.

Why donate?

You have understood that they do not need to be saved. They just need a helping hand; a helping hand in the name of Elikya. Together, let’s give a glimmer of hope to these young orphans who want only one thing: a better future by taking their destiny in their own hands. For this, we have already organized events such as the information stand we held at the university that allowed us to raise awareness and present our second event: a raffle game – a Tombola. We managed to achieve 54% of the financial target i.e a little more than 2’600 CHF out of the 5’000 targeted. . It is now up to you, thanks to your contribution, to allow this project to exist.

Give a hand to their future!

  • L'impact social de votre don.
    L'impact social de votre don.