This is what it's all about

I am a professional musician and singer-songwriter teaching piano,violin,guitar,singing,and irish tin whistle to my music students in Montézillon, Neuchâtel. I also play and sing with two different irish music bands here in Switzerland (Elandir and Llantana).

Looking after my little family and teaching music has kept me so busy that I put aside my big dream of recording my songs. All my life I have longed to share my songs and my music with the world. I have been dreaming of recording my first CD since 23 years, but now thanks to you, my dream will come true!!

What’s special about this project?

My songs have been deeply influenced by the celtic music culture but not only! They are a mix between different musical cultures and a very human condition, expressing joy, sadness, longing, gratitude and many other emotions.

On my album I play the piano, sing my compositions and play the violin.

Accompanying myself on the piano has an incredible impact on my songs, giving me the possibility to use my years of piano study to paint extraordinary colors and textures behind my vocal lines.
My voice has developed through my studies of Irish traditional song starting at 12 years of age in Cape Town, South Africa and during 6 years of music studies in university, while in Ireland. I also am lucky that my wonderful husband and partner in music can join me on his traditional irish flute and that my musician friend Gabriel Soler can join me on his cello.

Another important aspect is how Pascal Brunko in his studio at St. Blaise (NE),has incredible recording material. He is able to capture a very beautiful and authentic sound perfectly suited to the nature of my music. This you will be able to hear on listening to the presentation videos.

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This is what I need backing for

Two years ago in october 2018, my husband and I booked three days of recording for me at Damp Studio in St. Blaise with Pascal Brunko.

We had a tiny budget and big dreams.

After three days of recording, we were profoundly inspired by the experience and incredibly discouraged by the costs. The recording material at Damp Studio is top quality and Pascal is a world class recording professional.

Almost 2 years later, we still had no way forward financially and were still trying to imagine how to realize my dream.

Early this year, Pascal Brunko talked about WeMakeIt. He helped us to make the short video clip of my song «Wake Me» and allowed us to use his studio for our photographs and films.In collaboration with Pascal Brunko we have seen that my album will cost 15’000, which includes:

  • Studio recording (Piano,voice,flute,cello, violin), mixing and mastering
  • CD pressing & communication material (cover, photos, etc.)
  • Costs related to WeMakeIt campaign

With any extra money I will be able to buy a professional electric piano, in order that I can play concerts for people at venues where there is no piano.

Please consider contributing to my dream coming true!

With your contribution, you will make this project possible and in return you will receive exclusive rewards of your choice (see the list of goods I have to offer). Any amount will help me towards releasing my first album!

A million thanks for your support!

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