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Encourage Musical Talents

Encouraging young musical talents is very important to us. Thats why we need your support. We would like to give away as many scholarships as possible for this fantastic week. The scholarschip holders will be chosen by Anton Ludwig Wilhalm und Prof. Jan Schultsz (Musikhochschule Basel).

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This is why we need your support

Excellent concerts from delegates and tutors, ensembles and more are making this week very special. The professors teach at the famous music collages of Europe. This week is going to be one of the most popular week of a kind. Students from twenty nations will be there and are very happy to get a scholarship.

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Experience wonderful brass concerts, a daytrip to one of the most beautiful mountain in the «Oberengadin» with lovely brass music, a dinner with a tutor or enjoy a private concert just for you. These are the gifts you get as a supporter of young talented musicians – thanks a lot.

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