The book is almost finished!By Entkunstung, on 2/9/2017 10:05

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Good news: We added a few works by fabulous artists like Doris Uhlich or Ligorano/Reese to our book and at the moment we’re working on the last layout changes and final text corrections. Also, we checked the production with our printer in Mattersburg. Yes, we print in Austria. And it will be black Vienna linen on the outside and two kinds of paper inside. We want you have something long-lasting and lovely to touch.

But: There’s still some money missing and only one week left. We thank you for your support, but now kindly ask you to share and spread the campaign again. ENTKUNSTUNG I will be limited to 500 copies, so you are part of something very special.

Furthermore we added some new rewards. Maybe you know somebody who needs a new website (maybe even you?) for a crazy cheap price? Check the campaign page and hit us up - we want get our little baby alive and we’re happy to help you with yours too.

Meanwhile, have a nice weekend - we’re busy working on making this happen ;)


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