Shortcut 2 Infinity is a Power Rock band from Solothurn… the Swiss capital of Rock!

Influenced by the rough rocks in their home by the Southern Jura Mountains, the band has a style between Power Rock and Metal. Raw and uncut like a Jura Mountain boulder is what they sound like, too. Honest, unadorned, and going straight into the ears at full power! The band name, by the way, comes from the search for wormholes to the Gods of Rock Nirvana and was not chosen because both guitarists believe they have the best hairstyles in existence.

Shortcut 2 Infinity was founded in late 2017 by Adrian «Adi» Rieder (Bass) and Alain Kunz (Guitar). After a few weeks, David «Dävu» Zimmermann (Guitar) and Florian «Flo» Buamgartner (Drums) also joined. The search for their frontman proved to be significantly more difficult, until the group was finally completed with the Australian import Aaron Hasler and his unmistakeable whisky-formed voice.

Inspired by various idols from their youth as well as current bands, the five guys now almost exclusively play their own songs.
When they were ready to take to the stages, Corona-Lockdown started. Shortcut 2 Infinity made the best of it and instead concentrated on writing songs as well as on their recording studio.

In July 2020, the first studio recording «I Know» was released. The guys are continually working on their repertoire, chiselling their songs and blasting new ideas out of the rocks of Solothurn.
And in order to immortalise these ideas, we now want to record our songs, so we can present them to a wider audience. We are convinced that you will love our music! Help us make our dreams come true!


For this, we need your help ..

In July 2020, we already professionally recorded a song titled «I know» in Robin Meroni’s recording studio Klangkaserne ( It was incredibly fun, and the result speaks for itself

Now, we want to record 4 or 5 more songs, mix them, master them and turn them into an EP. Of course, a sleek booklet with professional artworks is a must, too.

As this isn’t cheap when done professionally, we need some financial support. Which is why we are now here!

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This is what you get

But now, to business: Whoever supports us on our way to our first EP will of course at least get a complete CD and our life-long gratitude!

But there is more up for grabs! A signed EP, your voice as a background singer, the chance to completely demolish a guitar with us, a private concert in our rehearsal room (or maybe at your place), and so much more. Check out all our rewards. There’s something there for everyone. And of course, if you really want, you can just donate some money without any reward. Well, we certainly hope we’ve turned you into a fan by now. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and maybe even to rock out with you soon!

Thanks for reading and listening… and of course for YOUR support!