What it is about

For two and a half years we have been working on creating our own songs. In the beginning of this year, we met with Luk Zimmerman -guitarist of the band Lunik and owner of InfluxStudios in Bern. We realized we had found a place with the perfect conditions to produce our first EP exactly as we intended. We have already recorded four songs. However, we recorded them by ourselves in our rehearsal room with low-budget equipment. We became frustrated with the results and believe that to create something outstanding, you have to invest not only time, but also money. With Luk Zimmermann we surely got one of the best producers in Switzerland, which has got it’s price. We have been writing a lot of new songs and have worked extremely hard on them, which is why we don’t want to be let down by the results when we record them only due to the lack of money. We need CHF 6000.- to cover one week of recording including all Instruments, sound engineering, mixing, producing and mastering. We estimate an amount of CHF 1500-2000.- to cover all of the expenses for the physical EP. With the remaining amount we hope to be able to afford another music video for a single off the EP.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oups, la vidéo a été retirée par l’initiateur du projet.

About us

Our story starts at the end of 2015. We started as a band playing little stages with a short set of own songs. We took part in the Rock Highway contest and made it straight to the finals as the only attending pop-band. At the same time we’ve played gigs in and around Zürich and set foot in the swiss music scene.

Not even three months later we had played more than eleven concerts in several known locations - for example the Komplex457. We made second place at the Rock Highway contest and produced our first single «Hunter».

The next Milestone was reached on September 5. 2016, when our single became available in all big online stores. Shortly after our first music video was released.

One year later, we can now present three more songs, What About (Lions & Tigers), Ivy and Reaction, which are all home recorded and produced.

On the first of November last year we’ve reached a milestone by having our song Ivy played on a local radio. Ivy made it into the Radio Sunshine Swiss Charts, which was one of the goals we had set for 2017.

Thank you for your support!

Denis, Colin, Ryan, Natascha & Adrian