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Our project

With the recording of the EP we do not just want to make our work remain but give it to you. We’ve written a lot of new songs since the release of the demo, which you also shall be able to listen to outside of the concerts.

Quality has it's price

That’s why we met up with the Swiss producer Matthias Hillebrand-Gonzalez from phatmedia productions. To pay his work, and everything that has to be done for a CD-production, we need your support. You won’t be left with empty hands. We’ve got great gifts, which will start to add up the more you give. We’re counting on you and thank you already now for making the EP-recording possible.

About us

We are Lotrify, a metal-band from Baden (Switzerland) which is playing concerts since 2010. As an ambitionous band we do not only play but we also organize concerts named «Bonebreaker Ball». Many people gave us positive feedback on our first demo and now we want to take the next step. It’s a very big project for us and we hope to get support from our fans and a lot of other people who like music.