«Leap-Year» – Episode Film about Cristó and Lucia

Lucia and her boyfriend sit in a cafe. They talk about their planned around-the-world-trip. They look like newly in love even though they are some years together. They leave the cafe and walk to the parking lot. They are attacked by a mysterious unknown.

«Leap-Year» is a further episode film from about 7 episodes and runs about 5 minute. They are planned to shoot in the next 2 years. Together they build the prequel to the planned feature film. Lucia has a secret, in all episodes we get more information about that.

The production cost for this episode is CHF 2’000. We need your support – be a part of us.


  • Wheelchair
  • Leap-Year
  • DROWNing
  • Crime City
  • Memories
  • The Last Owe


  • Cristó Sánchez – Ramon Frick
  • Deamon – Daniel Brem


  • Camera: Marco Ramseyer
  • Post Production Sound & Sound Design: Ramon Frick
  • Colorist: Ramon Frick & Marco Ramseyer
  • Storyboard: Sabrina Brunner
  • Making-Of and Behind The Scenes: Jerome Buehler


DROWNing is the next episode after «Leap-Year» and is already finished. It’s a 1-minute short film.

Leap-Year is coming soon...