What is it all about?

The Academy combines the concert activities with the roles of education and investigation. The annual programmes consist of concerts, festivals, exhibitions, presentations and seminars that analyze, spread and teach the processes of Euphony and Cymatics.

  • EUPHONY means harmony in sound and in linguistics and literature it describes the pleasing effect produced by a sound.
  • CYMATICS – Swiss physician and natural scientist Hans Jenny is considered the father of Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena and their effect on matter.

Both terms are the basis for an event of groundbreaking novelty, recently presented by the Academy to the public for the first time – Music Made Visible (see activities).

How does your contribution help?

All activities and initiatives of the Academy are aimed at raising the awareness of individuals, associations and institutes of the topics of Euphony and Cymatics and to give them the possibility to make a first experience. In addition, they are an interactive way of providing further financial benefits in order to create new projects.

The long-term intention of the Academy is the continuation of their investigations and educational activities as well as the realization of a «World of Sound», a location for interactive exhibitions, courses, seminars, conferences and international presentations by experts.

Your contribution allows the Academy to realize all of these activities and establishes the basis for the future, taking an important step towards the «World of Sound».


  • 1st March – MUSIC MADE VISIBLE Monte Verità Ascona, John Stuart Reid,a British acoustics engineer and co-inventor of the CymaScope will for the first time in history create an amazing audiovisual document with the piano of Daniel Levy.
  • 4th to 20 th March – SEMINARS AND MEETINGS in Switzerland: Seminars and courses with Daniel Levy and his team, presenting different topics like «The Art of Listening», Euphony and Cymatics and its ethical, aesthetic and therapeutic impacts.
  • 12th March to 10th April – EXHIBITION at Lugano. Marga Baigorria is an artist whose creativity is expressed through works produced following deep research. Focused on the idea of Painting with Light she represents the main characteristics of Colour/Light as a painter does with a canvas. The use of macrophotograph, translucent materials, solar light as a source of illumination and water, allow her to express her inner state, in addition to its evolution and modifications in movement. A microcosm of forms and artistic significance. She does not use any software such as Photoshop and her work is not digital where the artist will perform works by Schumann, Scriabin and Brahms

  • 8th,9th,30th May & 5th,6th June – ASCONA MUSIC FESTIVAL
    The success of the festival has been affirmed for 6 years by the appreciation of the audience. A short and intensive cycle of concerts with performances of an outstanding artistic level.
  • September – ASCONA MUSIC FESTIVAL: Following the spring edition the Academy continues presenting a series of Films of classical music concerts by renowned interpreters in order to further promote the dissemination of classical music.
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für dein Interesse und vorallem allen Unterstützern.

Die international Academy of Euphony freut sich, mit dir im Kontakt zu bleiben und über jede Frage oder Anregung.