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Everything for you – Chasing Truth

After a long time of practicing in our band room and after shedding a lot of blood, sweat and tears several songs were written and are ready to see the light of day. We are ready to share 12 songs which have joined and inspired us throughout our music journey with our fans. This winter, with your help, we would like to get in the studio and produce our first studio album which we are planning to release early 2019.

About Chasing Truth

Chasing Truth is a Singer-Songwriter Duo from Basel, Switzerland and represents authentic, honest and emotional music. Our aim is to inspire our audience with just our voices and guitars. We have been making music together for 9 years; a time where we have learned a lot about ourselves and life. We have grown with our music and in 2014 Chasing Truth. After a successful year of concerts and lots enthusiastic and positive feedback we are as ambitious as ever to evolve as musicians and push our music writing to the next level. A part of evolving as musicians is to produce our first studio album «Everything for you»


The dream of every musician is to someday hold their very own album in their hands. We too have this dream and in order to achieve this dream we need your support!

Our lyrics embody our lives. They are sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. They tell a story of love, pain and struggle. It is our wish to document this exciting time as a band and to end this chapter of our lives in order to start a new chapter. The product of an album is tied to costs. In order to cover the future production costs, we are asking you, our fans and all music lovers, for your help and support.

As a thank you for your support we would of course like to give something back. Take a look at our list of gifts and find the gift that speaks to you. Maybe we’ll see each other soon our album release party for «Everything for you»

These are the products costs that we are expecting:

  • Studio, 4 days (approx. 3,000 CHF)
  • Mixing (ca. 4,800 CHF)
  • Mastering CD (ca. 500 CHF)
  • CD Pressing (ca. 1,000 CHF)
  • Graphics/Design CD Booklet (ca. 400 CHF)
  • We make it Promotion (ca. 510 CHF)

Additionally, there will be 10% Wemakeit fees After CHF 11’180 we will have reached our Crowdfunding goal. All donated money will be strictly used for the production of the album.