Take me to Zurich!

After an exhibition in Paris, the photographic series WRONG EDUCATION has been selected to showcase in the big temporary exhibition Photobastei, Zurich’s Biggest Photography Art Walk!

From the 10th of July and during 10 days, my work will be part of an international exhibition in the heart of the Swiss Metropolis! And you can be part of this adventure!


I need your support!

To finance the costs of the exhibition, I need your support! Be part of the adventure of my first international exhibition as «La furie»! You can contribute 1 euro, 10 euros, 100 euros, … Starting from 25 euros you will receive a THANK YOU in form of a postcard, a poster or even a shooting with «La Furie»! If you prefer to just support the project without reward, choose «No reward».

Your gesture will not be forgotten!

After the exhibition, a book of the photographic series «WRONG EDUCATION» will published with your name amongst the people who made it happen! Be part of a dream, a big journey! Be part of a dream almost as immense as a furious creativity.

The exhibition

Through this photographic series, I wanted to depict the phase of doubt in our lives. Showing characters dipped in dark situations, far from their youthful serenity, confronting, retaining or mourning their childhood’s dreams without either denying them. Always dressed in the same cloth, the tutu, symbol of their education, in a set of improbable and unexpected situations. A fierce playfulness around our representations of what we see, we seem to see and know.

In a set of improbable situations, unexpected, grotesque drawing from childhood, images, dreams… Painter serial killer, Evil Madonna with child, Junkie sleeping princess, imprisoned and happy child, human dolls…

Become the judgmental eye of the «WRONG EDUCATION»


About «La furie»

I love the taste of a first impression, true or wandering. And especially playing with the nuance of true and false, this delicate subtlety, always keeping in mind that nothing is more false than the truth …

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Parce qu’on est tous nés dans une culture, avec des règles, des codes… et qu’est-ce qui nous définit en tant qu’adultes?

Traditions, sexe, règles de bienséance… Le tutu dans sa pureté ne peut que se froisser au fur et à mesure de notre maturité, entre espoirs, déviances et rebellions…

Dans un ensemble de situations improbables, inattendues, ubuesques puisant dans l’enfance, l’imagerie, le rêve: Peintre sérial killer, Madone enceinte et maléfique, princesse junkie en déshérence, enfant emprisonné et heureux, poupées humaines tous dans le théatre du crime du tutu…

Devenez l’oeil moralisateur de la «WRONG EDUCATION»…

Un mot de l’Artiste!

J’aime le gout d’une première impression, fidèle ou vagabonde. Et surtout jouer avec le vrai, le faux, ce subtil décalé. Distinguer le vrai du faux est dérisoire: de toutes façons, rien n’est aussi faux que le vrai…

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