L’exposition «CO-OP : Hannes Meyer et le concept du design collectif» se tiendra du 20 septembre au 15 octobre. C’est la manifestation inaugurale de la Fondation pour la Culture du Bâti.

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Successfully concluded on 15/10/2016

The «Fondation pour la Culture du Bâti» (CUB)

… will be a place for information and the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas within the various trades cultures operating in the construction of built landscapes.

…is currently made up of 17 professional associations.

The steering group is made up of the following people: Eligio Novello, Guy Nicollier, Yves Dreier, Gaël Cochand, Cyril Veillon, Manuel Bieler, Salvatore Aprea and Philippe Longchamp.

When we were offered the Hannes Meyer exhibition, it occurred at a time that dovetailed perfectly with the shared momentum that had begun.

By supporting the exhibition «CO-OP, Hannes Meyer and collective design», you are supporting much more than an exhibition, you are supporting the inception of the CUB Foundation.

The Foundation will be created within the exhibition’s timeframe. Please follow carefully the stages of this unusual collective movement which has a unifying and certainly historic role!

The exhibition entitled «CO-OP: Hannes Meyer and the concept of collective design»

Hannes Meyer was a Swiss architect and the director of Bauhaus, who, in the 1930’s, revived a trans-disciplinary vision of architecture which was perceived at the time as being revolutionary, although its roots were to be found in Roman antiquity. Hannes Meyer consistently directed his teaching, his city planning and architectural workshops along the collective’s radical guidelines and requirements.


The exhibition takes place in Lausanne from 20 September to 15 October 2016.


At the «Forum d’architectures de Lausanne», Avenue de Villamont 4, 1006 Lausanne

At Archizoom EPFL, in collaboration with the ’Archives de la Construction Moderne’ (ACM) on the EPFL campus.


  • Tuesday 20 September, 6 pm: Private View at the ’Forum d’architectures’
  • Monday 26 September, 6.30 pm: lecture by Raquel Franklin at Archizoom.
  • Monday 3 October, 6.30 pm: SIA debate at the ’Forum d’architectures’ with the subject being «Copyright, the last bastion of architectural quality?»
  • Monday 10 October, 6.30 pm: Lecture given by Assemble, a group of architects, at Archizoom.
  • Friday 14 October, 6 pm: Round table on the subject of «Cooperation in construction today» at the ’Forum d’architectures’.

Why should you support us?

By contributing to the ’Fondation CUB’s’ assistance, you are stating that you consider building to be a cultural element of your environment, you are supporting the idea of developing professional collaboration by creating a locale where such collaboration is possible and will be more widely accessible to the public at large.

In doing so, you are participating in a strong and probably historic movement of de-compartmentalisation of an activity.

And in return

We are creating links between the past, present and future, between archive images, current exhibitions and the Foundation’s future.

We incorporate valuable past testimonies, making them relevant to the 21 Century.

In the future, what we choose to do now will be remembered so we must make it count.

Because this is a collaborative dynamic, and your input is extremely important to us, we are seeking to instigate meetings of like-minded persons to take ideas to the next level.

See you soon.