Industrial buildings become yellowish lit by street-lamps. The rain clips constantly the light, while three muffled shapes run across the dark street. They disappear in one of the abandoned buildings.

-A scene taken from the spot

About the project

For the SS2017 we are working with a young Japanese artist living in Paris. Digital print on Co/Modal, French Terry and Organic Bamboo.

The collection contains body wear, home wear/yogi and street wear.

Your support

But we need your help and support to realize this project!

There are a lot of expenses needed to be covered eg. wages, location rent and many more.

We want to pay our motivated and dedicated team and in order to do do so we need your help.

We’d love to welcome you as part of our team!


TUVOISOUPAS is a young fashion brand from Switzerland. Our collections focus on generating a strong and sustainable production process for our partners and the environment. We care about your comfort when wearing our apparel and we design for your daily activities. Taking your dog for a walk has never been so relaxing, hanging out on a balcony with some good smokes, seeing the world from your own angle as only you can see it. Say hey or meow and push through the fog of dawn. Don’t aim, just create!
Creation is love and we love you.

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About das Kollektiv

We are four fresh faces from Basel, who founded das Kollektiv back in 2015. In the same year we were able to celebrate our first exhibition in the Roxy Theater Birsfelden

We founded our collective with the idea of sharing our resources and our knowledge to support each other.

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Our gift to you

If you decide to support us you’ll surely get a big thank you from us, as well as a small gift.

In the following slideshow you can take a look on the items.

All items are slim fit and for men there are only available M/L.