Feel it all...

… an ode to life – brimming with vitality, then again dreamy and thoughtful, profound and honest. On my second album, I’ve met a couple of my musical desires: my love for guitars and African music and also new band line-up!

Veronika’s Ndiigo are:

  • Myself: vocals, guitar, violin, reed organ, compositions
  • Oli Hartung: guitar
  • Moussa Cissokho: kora, backing vocals
  • Sam Baur: precussion/drums, backing vocals
  • Toni Schiavano: bass

Feel like a listen in to my roughmixes?

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Your support:

… allows me to realize the completion of the CD. Now it is being mixed and mastered at year-end, the graphics are also being created soon and I can hardly wait until my «baby» is finally born! The production costs are covered only to a small part by the Cantonal promotion of culture of Luzern and Bern, and of my own financing. To ensure the completion of «FEEL IT ALL» I need your support. In return you will receive exclusive gifts.

For you to see what is included in the production, I have listed the main points here.

The production costs include:

  • studio fees
  • sound engineer
  • musician fees
  • mixing and mastering
  • photography
  • graphic design
  • print

For your support you recieve ...

…goodies from my creative kitchen like: a singing lesson or Irish fiddel lesson, a portrait drawing, a private concert in the garden, forest, meadow or your living room and of course my music on CD!