15, Royston Tan, Singapour

Who are we?

A team of film d’auteur fans, wild about images of the world beyond, new art forms… in short, whatever you don't find in commercial cinema.

What we defend

A Program which is untrammeled and uncompromising : films that reflect the inventiveness and  diversity of the world's cinematographies. Our aim? To arouse, move and above all to transport you… elsewhere.

 Do people go to see Black Movie?

Yes! In 15 years, the Festival audience has jumped from 3,000 to 28,000. It's recognized by film directors and critics from all over the world for its high-standard program, unique encounters and… its all-nighters.

What is our program?

Each year, we build a program based on the films we've chosen. Whether it's detecting (as yet) unknown films d'auteur or happily rediscovering now-recognized film-makers, steering a path between intimist documentary and Yakuza film, we screen some fifty features and many short films (in the children's program). 98 % of the films we show are Swiss premières!

On the slate for 2015

Activities with a special focus on Brazil, fiction, documentaries and genre films revealing a world on the verge of a nervous breakdown will offer an unusual, striking and moving itinerary through our world, while not neglecting humour and poetry!

Why do we need you ?

 Your contribution is essential to help us keep up the Festival quality ! In spite of its growing success, international renown and grants, Black Movie has been operating with the same budget base for the past four years ; and our budget won't be increased until 2018. Other input is thus essential if we are to keep pace with our present rate of development and meet rapidly rising living costs.

Our priority: the film and his author

CHF 20’000 would enable us to:

  • go on inviting film-makers from around theworld to the Festival
  • to show each film three times instead of only twice. Thus making them accessible to more spectators
  • to continue promoting the Festival in Geneva and environs
  • to renumerate certain people whose work to date while totally professional has been provided for free.

Why participate ?

To really be part of a festival that’s a tad transgressive and deliciously anticonformist! To meet the directors after seeing their films, at related conferences or at the Festival's famous all-nighters. To share our passion for a cinema forced to struggle against excessive uniformization and that personifies the best of the 7th art!