Who are we?

Layalina is a multidisciplinary association organizing a cultural and humanitarian festival around Syrian culture to be held in Geneva in February 2015.

The innovative aspect of Layalina Festival is that it invites actors from the cultural and humanitarian fields, which usually coexist without working together, to reflect and collaborate around one same goal: creating an event that reveals to the public the multiple faces of Syrian culture beyond the daily images conveyed to us through the media.

Layalina’s Program

Layalina’s program will offer a unique opportunity to discover the Syrian culture through a series of events including:

  • The screening of Syrian movies (fictions and documentaries), some of them being screened in Switzerland for the first time.
  • A video workshop for Syrian refugees: the videos will be screened during the festival and followed by a public debate.
  • Literary events including a roundtable with a renowned Syrian author.
  • Cooking workshops conducted by Syrian refugee women. At the end of the workshop you will eat all together the food you have prepared.
  • Two concerts, one of traditional music and one of rock music, as well as a special Arab electro party.
  • Roundtable discussions on cinema, literature and refugees’ integration.

Layalina Festival works in close collaboration with the Syrian refugees in Geneva and will generate exchange networks and create a space of dialogue between the refugees, the artists and the public. Layalina also supports the association «Coup de Pouce» pour la Syrie, an NGO based in Geneva that helps families victim of the conflict on the field.

Why you should back this project

Your money will be used to invite artists (musicians, author, movie makers) participating to Layalina Festival.

Thanks for your support!