To celebrate its 10 anniversary in a sensational way Compagnie NEO in collaboration with Scène-Concept presents a poetic show mixing dance on a climbing wall, aerial acrobatics and mapping projections.

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Compagnie NEO

Born in 2006 at la Belle Usine in Fully, Switzerland, Compagnie NEO gathers artists around climbing-wall dancing. It develops a yet unknown form of expression mixing poetry and acrobatics.

Fil Rouge show presentation

Fil Rouge plays on five complementary dimensions : the dancers move on the ground, on a climbing-wall, in the air, in actual stage scenery or in virtual projected mapping spaces. The various scenes symbolize dreams, the unconscious, the extraordinary through a surrealistic saga : the poetic initiation of young woman to freedom… a journey during which everything becomes possible… the audience is invited to letting themseles to be carried away by challenges that are as many adventures into self-discovery.

Fil Rouge is a creation celebrating Compagnie NEO’s 10 anniversary

To celebrate its 10 anniversary Compagnie NEO offers an original creation associating its experience to its discoveries connected to new technologies. This show innovates trough its spatial and multimedia dimensions : humans fly thanks to novel devices of suspension achieved in collaboration with Scène-Concept (Jean-Claude Blaser). Choreographies, acrobatics and stunts follow on from each other in projected 3D scenery.

We need you

Fil Rouge has already obtained some funds from Fully city council, from Canton du Valais, from the Romande lottery, as well as from sponsoring firms, which has allowed us to launch the project (booking the Belle Usine venue, purchasing equipement and costumes, hiring a composer). Still, our project needs a further boost to become alive ! We need an audience ! So we have to set up a communication strategy (posters, flyers, radio, newspapers…). Now is the moment you can step on stage to help us to collect those 5,000 CHF and enable us to communicate well !

Our funding campaign goal make up 7% of the project budget.

Supporting fil Rouge will enable us to ensure 6 shows in front of 300 people each at la Belle Usine. It will enable us to have great artistic success and a big chance to tour the show in Switzerland and abroad. It will also allow us to make you dream while being lucky enough to pay decently each artist and technician with ticket money.

We thank you in advance for your helping hand ! And we do look forward to welcoming you at la Belle Usine to share this wonderful experience live with you !


  • Artists : Estelle Roux, Judith Léonardon, Maxence Roduit, Joël Bruchez, Esaw Kiros, David Widmer, Rachelle Buman, Michaël Rouzeau
  • Stage direction : Michaël Rouzeau
  • Stage design : Stephanie Lathion
  • Accessories : Joacquim Gorret
  • Costumes : Noémie Stadler
  • Equipment : Jean-Claude Blaser
  • Mapping : Michaël Rouzeau, Max Antille
  • Music : Gaël Blondeau et Martin Mey
  • Sound and lighting engineer : Jean Deloffre
  • Flying technique : Jean-Claude Blaser de Scène-Concept
  • Communication : Marie-France Hendrikx
  • Volunteers : Association Compagnie NEO

Rehearsals at la Belle Usine at Fully

From August 15 to September 4, 2016.

Performances at la Belle Usine at Fully (duration : 1h20)

  • Dress rehearsal : Friday September 16th at 7.30 pm
  • Saturday 17th, Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th September at 7.30 pm
  • Sunday 18th and 25th September at 5 pm

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