Film«The Conscious»

by Mariya

Bucharest and Geneva

This short fiction film explores the topic of guilt and responsibility in post Nazi Romania.

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Concluded on 2/12/2022

Guilt,forget,forgive,understand,never forget,never forgive, no justification

I started this project because I was always trying to understand how did Holocaust happen? As a social psychologist I found it problematic that some countries where Holocaust took place, entered denial and prefer to hide this past. Among them are Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Westerm Ukraine and many others. As a film director I decided to tell a story about it.


This film is about the two brothers who suddenly realized that their father - ex Nazi officer feels proud of his past with no regrets. Through their perception of this, we understand various views people carry about Holocaust in modern Romania.


I was inspired to write this short film when found out that most of the high official Nazi didn’t admit their guilt at the Nuremberg trial.

The prototype of the lead character is inspired by the Hannah Arendt’s «Einchman in Jerusalem». In this book, Einchman, responsible for the final solution, appears not as monstrous killer , but as banal and lacking critical thinking. He doesn’t see his guilt, but on the contrary, proud of the loyalty to his country. Isn’t it the most dangerous type of murderers?

I have a degree in Social Psychology focused on war crimes and genocides. This defines my interest in the psychology of mass murderers.

The story is set in Romania as there is a number of countries that collaborated with Hitler, actively participated in Holocaust, however, deny and hide it.


I am a writer, director, producer. I graduated from London Film School in November 2021, my very first film «A Circle», which was my graduation film was selected for around 20 festivals and won multiple awards. I cant place it here due to the copyrigh issues, but will be happy to provide it upon request.

I am in the process of building the crew, but it already involves the award winning Director of Photography Alex Grigoras who was part of Berlinale Talents in 2021 and the Art Director Bianca Micu who worked on mutiple films of the Cannes and Berlinale award winning Romanian director - Radu Jude.

My project is special because it explores the psychology of mass murderer and the legacy of guilt

I am a social psychologist focused on genocides and racism, I am also a film writer-director. I believe, this expertise is unique and provides an interesting angle on the topic of Nazi crimes.

This is what I need backing for.

I am fundraising for the production of the film «The Conscious». The film requires 5 shooting days in Bucharest, Romania.

Even though our crew works on the voluntary basis, every film, especially period film, is a high cost project.

The crowdfunding will cover the following production costs:

  • equipment rent (camera ALEXA ARRI, sound, light, special effects)
  • actors’ salary
  • props
  • costume
  • location rent
  • transportation
  • pay to extras

The project will be ran by my own production company registered in Geneva.