Please help me to pay the bills for my two lovely cats who one (Bella) got sick & the other (Gini) had a bad accident. They where both so brave and such fighters! I worry about paying their bills...

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staggering vet bills

Please help me pay the vet bills for my two adorable cats. Previously neglected, then at home & now illness & accident have turned their and my life upside down.

Bella (black and white) was diagnosed with kidney failure and we and the vets tried everything we could to get her back on her feet. However, infusions only helped for a short time, which is why we unfortunately had to give up the fight after 1.5 months and put Bella to sleep with a heavy heart.

Shortly thereafter, Gini (orange, white, black) suffered a car accident, resulting in severe traumatic brain injury. She underwent surgery and her jaw was patched with wire. Luckily, after a lot of patience and dedication, Gini is alive and well again today - she follows me step by step again.

Now, at the beginning of the year, the vet bills have trickled in, amounting to over 3500.00 and killing me.

Thank you if you want to make a contribution, forward my crowdfunding and help me/ Gini & Bella pay the bills.

My project is special because ...

You help animals that can’t stand up for themselves…you help me, who decided for the animals and gave more weight to their lives than the foreseeable costs, to pay the costs. In short: You make a morally valuable contribution to our society.

I need support for that

I will pay the vet bills and give Gini the best and healthiest life possible.