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Community and Education

Mehr als nur der nächste Job

Neue Perspektiven für Fach- und Führungskräfte in der Lebensmitte! Wir bringen sie zusammen und erfinden mit ihnen innovative Angebote, bauen tragfähige Business Modelle und schaffen neue Stellen.
by Markus Grubenmann | PotenzialDetektiv + MöglichMacher, St. Gallen and Arbon
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
2 days to go

Szalka's Operation

Mein Pferd, welches ich seit 3 Wochen habe, ist durch den Zaun des Reitplatzes gesprungen und hat sich die linke Seite des Bauches aufgerissen. Es muss nun im Tierspital behandelt werden.
by Szalka`s Operation, Zürich
103% funded
CHF 5’150 pledged
8 hours to go
Community and Sport

Ketsui 2.0

La famiglia del Box di CrossFit Ketsui è cresciuta diventando una vera comunità di persone che vogliono fare sport divertendosi e abbiamo bisogno di uno spazio più grande per ospitare tutti noi e te!
by Ketsui, Sant'Antonino
128% funded
CHF 38’650 pledged
3 days to go
Community and Kids / Youth

Neue Feuerstelle

Wir, die Jungschar Doppelpunkt aus Thun, möchten bei unserem Jungscharhaus in Wimmis eine neue Feuerstelle bauen, da unsere alte ausgedient hat.
by Noah, Wimmis
100% funded
CHF 3’020 pledged
34 hours to go
Exhibition, art, and Literature

Livre 20 ans d'abstract

«Forever young» est un projet de livre d’art contemporain marquant les 20 ans de l’espace d’art abstract situé dans le quartier du Flon à Lausanne. Vernissage et expositions prévus le 29 février 2020.
by Alain Weber, Lausanne
101% funded
CHF 5’080 pledged
32 hours to go


Enregistrement du 10ème album «Town to Town» du groupe d'electro pop franco-suisse BCONNECTED.
by bconnected, Lausanne
2% funded
CHF 110 pledged
5 days to go
Community, Festival, and Education

MissAdventure Festival

Our aim is to inspire, shape and connect extraordinary women from all over the world to share some of the most inspiring stories showcasing that women can do anything and inspiring you to do the same.
by MissAdventure, Zagreb
0% funded
CHF 50 pledged
6 days to go
Music and Performing Arts

Opera Premiere in Vienna

My name is Angel Hernández, the composer of the opera «The encounters of Alice». We need your support to make the premiere successful!
by Klangschrift, Vienna
37% funded
EUR 3’001 pledged
4 days to go
Photography, Design, and Art

Berlingot #3

BERLINGOT is an erotic annual artbook (bilingual) exploring gender and sexuality fluidity through a selection of international artists.
by BERLINGOT, Toulouse
48% funded
EUR 3’905 pledged
3 days to go
Music, Festival, and Kids / Youth

Moscou chante pour le COV

La chorale du COV a l’honneur d’êtreinvitée à participer au Festival «Moscow Sounds», rencontre internationale de choeurs d'enfants qui se déroule chaque année en Russie.
by Conservatoire de l'Ouest Vaudois, Moscow
155% funded
CHF 4’650 pledged
5 days to go
Food, agriculture, and Fair Trade

Techies Time to Tea-Tea Room

I co-founded a tea brand in India 5 years back and we are spread across India now. We started with the vision to expand brand globally. We bring on board the highest quality Teas & Herbs from India.
by Techies Time to Tea, Basel, Delhi, and Greater Noida
1% funded
CHF 265 pledged
6 days to go

Love your neighbors

Wir kaufen mit den Spenden Grundnahrungspackete (Cesta Basica) und geben diese gezielt an Familien weiter, welche Tag für Tag um ihr Essen kämpfen.
by Silas, Maxaranguape
82% funded
CHF 2’050 pledged
6 days to go