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A Dream come true

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live of love, music and singing? Unfortunately, it is not good enough to be passionate and work your bum off to succeed in arts, and we know too well…


So what's missing?

Ambition, patience and support! After 1 year of thorough thinking, composition, meeting new people and travelling to France to record at the Elia studios, the 12 tracks of my new album are almost ready! Almost…

Now the mastering part, photos to take for the cover, distribution of the album, uploading it online and so on. And most importantly, an artistic professional website to cover it all. That includes an awful lot of pictures and design work. And of course, even more time and money… Hopefully, that’s where you will be of great help :)


This is what I need backing for.

You’ve been following Sosofluo since the very beginning, at her first live appearance on TV in 2011 for the Swiss final of the Eurovision Song Contest, you’ve sent her study to London to pursue her musical theatre career and you’ve been able to travel with her on the Marco Polo as she sailed away to be singing on cruises. Well, there she is now, turning 28 and looking for a little more help from you to make a dream come true. This new album is a gift from Seynod Voice, this French competition she won just a year ago, and it is now time to make it real. The production of the album and the web site will be an amazing jump forward for Sosofluo’s career and she is counting on you, faithful friends. :)

With or without rewards, don’t hesitate to make a donation for this Swiss-Canadian artist’s project, who wishes to go far! If your budget does not allow you to participate, you can still help a lot by sharing this page with your friends and acquaintances.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart… <3