First EP Floor 5

by Floor 5


Floor 5 is an electronic rock project.
After one year of recording and producing, we are ready to realease the new sound of the italian/russian Berlin based duo.

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The first EP of Floor Five

Hi, we are Floor Five, a band based in Berlin. Eleonora Zaripova (Vox, Keys) is from Russia. She unexpectedly moved to Berlin 10 years ago in order to cure leukemia. After two years of fighting, she won over the disease. This meaningful experience together with her classical piano studies drove her songwriting into a dark melancholic space, which, nevertheless, sounded powerful and modern at the same time. After various releases, she decided to develop her music project together with the drummer/producer Mattia Bellotti in a full band. Mattia moved to Berlin four years ago, after studying Jazz at a conservatory. Meanwhile he was working as sound engineer as well participated in various projects. Finally, he decides to commit himself sharing all the experiences he had in a Band Project Floor Five. Our personalities, our backgrounds, full year of productions and tours, finally led us to the sound we always wanted. However, we can only fulfil our only passion and lifelong dream with you support. We need you! You are the people who can help this project to survive and who are very important to us! We are asking you to be a part of it, for which we, of course, prepared various rewards as a thank you for your support!

Our Sound

This first EP is a collection of all our previous studies, passions, mad experiences and crazy emotions. The genre can be defined as Synth Rock. A mixture of energy and introspection. Dominant electronic sounds, massive drums and an ethereal suave voice.

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Why we are running this campaign

Running this campaign would allow us to cover the costs of promotion, mastering and the video clip of a single. After a long period of producing, recording and creating the best songs, which represent us, we are ready for it to be heart!