Who are we?

We are Mike, Dani, Tobi and Sam. Originally called BluePearl, we’ve done some rearrangement to take the next step on the way to create modern pop music and trying to be professional. Every one of us has huge experience in touring, composing, songwriting and playing big concerts like Eurovision, The Dome or Donauinselfest.

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What are we doing?

Our first songs we’ve produced with Vincent Sorg, an Echo-award-winner and famous German producer. The singles are ready to release since January 2019. We’ve done some huge plannings for the whole year for the first time. The plan is not only to release the songs on streaming and sales channels, but also radio promotion with a famous German agency, a first tour in late 2019 and a social media campaign with 10 video clips. At the end of the year, there will be a limited EP with all songs. First three cover songs, as well as the first single «Heroes», can be heard on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music. Next single will be released in June.

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Why do we need your support?

We’ve already funded the first big bunch of production and promotion costs completely by ourselves. But for funding the next video clip production costs and the further promotion successfully, we need you. We’re convinced to take the final steps for a successful campaign with you in this WEMAKEIT-Campaign. Thank you very much for every single support!

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