We are recording a DVD of our stage show SAX VOYAGE! Have a look!

Our story

In 2012 we converged in Vienna from Italy, USA, Belgium, Poland and Chile. United by a modern conception of virtuosity and the incessant urge to push the limits of performance, we created FIVE SAX. The first step of our journey took us from the front door of conservatory, straight to the streets of Vienna.

After many performances around Europe, America and Asia, as well as recording our debut album Five Sax at the Movies, we decided it’s time to professionally record our show SAX VOYAGE on DVD!

What exactly is SAX VOYAGE?

Our show is an unusual combination of music, choreography, acting and lighting. We bring together all those elements to create an unforgettable concert experience. Every moment of the 90-minute show is choreographed and performed by memory, which makes for an engaging, whirlwind audience experience. The performance is packed with surprises intended for both novice and experienced listeners, and the show is appropriate for audiences of all ages.

FIVE SAX invites you to join them on an unforgettable musical journey. The multi-continental trip begins in the legendary capital of music: Vienna, with a look back at some timeless classics of the past. Then we jump on a train to explore the rich ethnic musical styles of Spain, Italy, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, the Balkans and Hollywood.

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Why recording a DVD?

After our successful debut CD Five Sax at the Movies, where we present vast selection of some of the most famous movie soundtracks, next step is to record our maiden show SAX VOYAGE, but this time on a DVD so it captures both music and all visual aspects of our show.


A DVD production can be quite expensive because it includes not only audio but also multi-camera video recording. Our budget has to include funds for the following things:

  • renting a theatre (including venue rights)
  • film crew (with 5 cameras)
  • sound crew
  • lighting
  • video color grading
  • mastering audio
  • video editing
  • graphic design
  • DVD pressing
  • royalty payments

Without your help a DVD production of SAX VOYAGE will not happen for many years to come. We really count on our fans to make it happen! Would you like to watch us on your TV?

CD Five Sax at the Movies

Five Sax at the Movies is our recently finished debut album. It’s only few months after release day and we already have some great reviews!

«I’ve just completed my first audition of Five Sax at the Movies and consider it the finest sax group recording I have ever heard (and I’m 81 so I’ve heard a few!)»
Kenneth Morris
Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine

«This is the type of album I’d been waiting on for years»
Dirk Wickenden

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With our fans

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