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Sea Rocks. A wall to cover!

I have been flameworking glass for almost 15 years. So far my work has focused mainly around the contemporary glass bead movement.

I now wish to expand the scope of my work by creating larger pieces. More precisely, I would like to offer custom wall installations created directly for apartments or houses, in collaboration with architects and designers. I want to showcase what I can do but also to create a spectacular piece that can become part of the cultural landscape in Lausanne.

Technical details:

The technique of flamework only allows the fabrication of relatively small massive pieces so I decided to create my installations with a multitude of pieces. My studio in Lausanne has a huge white wall ideal to showcase this type of installation. My project is to cover that wall with paperweight-sized pieces from my Sea Rocks series.

This series is inspired by tidepools in the rocks by the sea. The technique incorporates silver leaf into the glass, to give it a rock-like look and introduce metallic shimmers reminiscent of the sun sparkling on water. The pieces are cut while the glass is hot to get the jagged rock shape.

I need you!

To carry out this project, which represents 6 months to 1 year of work, I need to upgrade my equipment in order to be able to produce larger massive pieces. This means a more powerful torch, an oxygen generator to operate it, a kiln suitable for larger pieces, as well as glass and the silver leaf that will cover each piece to give it its intriguing aspect.

Your support will enable me to buy the equipment and materials.

The wall is large...

My studio wall, which you can see in the diaporama above covered with other decorations, is about 6 m long. Hundreds of pieces will be needed to cover it completely.

Thank you for your support, I tried to imagine rewards directly related to the project that I hope you will find attractive and original.

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