What is Le Linge?

Born in 2012 from the collaboration between different artists from diverse universes, Le Linge is a non-profit clothing label which has the goal to promote the work of artists from Switzerland and elsewhere by allowing them to express themselves on a wearable canvas.

Why that name?

Le Linge is how are call the textiles used everyday at home. Le Linge is a hint to the Swiss way of designating the towel, but also means wardrobe in French.

Fluctuation(s) - 4th collection of Le Linge

After «Alpha», «Beta» and «Famélique boustifaille», Le Linge is very proud to announce the imminent launch of its 4th collection named «Fluctuation(s)». Several artists were given carte blanche on this theme that evokes the ocean currents.

Believe us, there will be pretty things.

We are looking forward to see you wearing the nice stuff designed by:

The collection consists of the following:

  • a tote bag by Tyan
  • a t-shirt for woman by Vamille (S, M, L)
  • a sweatshirt for woman by Lyuba Berezina (S, M, L)
  • a t-shirt for man by Ridlet (M, L, XL)
  • a sweatshirt for man by Fichtre (M, L, XL)

Preview of Fluctuation(s) women’s collection:

Preview of Fluctuation(s) men’s collection:

Preview of CHF 550.- reward from Oscar Becerra :

Overview of the first 3 collections of t-shirts:

Why giving us your support?

  1. Help us meens supporting a young non profit swiss label which has the goal to promote the work of artists
  2. But also you will get beautiful t-shirts, sweatshirts or tote bags in avant-première
  3. Thanks to your contribution. Le Linge will be able to finance the next collection «Fluctuation(s)» and finance part of the material (textiles, printing equipment) that will allow us to launch the fifth collection in the best conditions
  4. So far, the project has been entirely self-funded by the founders, now we need your support
  5. If the desired amount is exceeded, the money will help us invest in equipment for the upcoming collections

Le Linge is constantly looking for new talents. For any information or submitting a new project, do not hesitate and contact us!