Who are we?

  • The «Saturés du Focus »
  • A photo club based in the Swiss-French speaking-part and neighbouring France
  • A club where everyone can come to learn and progress
  • A club planning many monthly outings, lessons, workshops, week-end based on various topics and techniques.
  • A club that organizes … the Focus Day !

So this Focus Day, what is it?

Back in autumn 2015, we ran a festival, named Focus day, as a test. We wanted to have this event focused on you, the visitor. So that everybody could freely try different big brand’s products, develop and print pictures on a stand, watch the work of pro makeup artists, touch the universe of astrophotography and much more.

We wanted everyone to be able to shoot in a specific atmosphere. We put in place a fashion show, a concert, a dance show and other animations in order for everyone who wanted to try some equipment to be able to do it in an optimal context.

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What the 2016 edition will look like?

Forget the only-one-day stuff, this year we think big! A full week-end, from Friday 21th October to Sunday 23th October 2016. And we even add a special evening on Friday.

More exponents for the enthusiastic visitor that you are.

More performances for the curious to the pro, including the beginner and the advanced.

More product to test. You know this lens you always dreamed of? Just try it.

Get up on stage with our scene for shows, performance and demos. With an optimal view for the photograph.

Watch the pros work, and go speak with them to get advice for your upcoming project. There will be printers, makeup artists, photo editor, photographs…

Come in the mobile studio to start initiate yourself in the fashion world and work with beautiful models, pro or not. A coach will be there to help you.

Take a break in the sharing area where you can speak with the others photographs about everything and anything.

Enjoy all of this in a 1000m square hall.

Why we need you?

Photography isn’t just taking pictures. It’s about meeting people, sharing knowledge, learning, understanding, watching, contemplate, looking and often admire!

This festival is a way for people who always wanted to try or progress in photography to get in touch with other people who share this wish. Meeting other amateurs or even pros with whom you can give and take advice.

It is also for the beginners, advanced or pros who are technology and techniques geeks and who would like an opportunity to try the latest equipment.

This is a meeting place for everyone who works with image.

It’s here to fill a gap in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

Our festival… we would like it to become YOUR festival!

Supporting us is also supporting a photography club and will help this event to grow within the years.

Maybe you are going to discover yourself a passion for photography!

What you donated will help us rent the hall, build the shows ’stages, put lights and sounds. But also it will help us pay for the pro like VIP, speakers and other contributors that we really want to introduce to you. The money will help improve your experience.