Help poor Indian Kids to Breathe Clean(er) Air! They deserve it!

«Children are particularly at risk due to the immaturity of their respiratory organ systems.» (Source: see link from WHO below)

In India, the ambient air pollution is a massive threat to the health of the population in general, but even more so to the children, and especially the poorest of them.

We want to help kids in Government Schools in Delhi to get an effective protection against the small and harmful particulates (aka PM 2.5). With an N95 PM 2.5 anti pollution facemask, the children will be properly protected.

Erklärungen: PM 2.5: siehe wikipedia link ’Particulates’ N95: siehe wikipedia link ’NIOSH air filtration rating’

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We want to help the poor kids to have equal chances!

«Acute lower respiratory infections, in particular pneumonia, continue to be the biggest killer of young children and this burden is experienced most by children in low- and middle-income countries.» (Source: see link from WHO below)

Protecting the health of kids means to protect the values and future of a society; the kids will gain a much stronger immune system to counter any bacteria or viruses, and to say the least, healthy people are just way more efficient and effective at the workplace, and hence successful.

We know its a small part that we play in a city of 18 million people, but a small start is better than no start!

We need YOU to help reducing the number of affected kids!

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Protective N95 PM 2.5 Masks for Government School Kids!

With the money we raise with this project, we will purchase kids size N95 PM 2.5 anti pollution facemasks and give them out to school children in the following Government schools in Delhi:

  1. Sriniwaspuri-SBV (Govind Ballabh Pant)
  2. Jangpura-GBSSS
  3. Defence Colony, Varun Marg-GBSSS
  4. Defence Colony, Block A- SN SKV
  5. INA Colony-SV
  6. Hari Nagar Ashram-SKV Each of these schools counts between 600 to 1000 kids.

What are you pledging for? With every 2.- CHF donated by YOU, we will be able to buy 1 mask with 2 replaceable N95 PM 2.5 activated carbon cotton filters. This will help protecting 1 kid in one of the above mentioned schools for the next 3-6 months (depending on the development of the pollution levels in Delhi).

Don’t worry: you won’t wait long before we start the next project to keep the kids protected!

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