We at from woman to woman empower women around the world by running a free coaching platform. Help us today so that we can reach and empower even more women through our work!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 29/12/2021

Meet from woman to woman:

We run the first global, free online coaching platform for women, accessible at www.fromwomantowoman.org . A coaching platform? Yes! We firmly believe that women from all backgrounds have a wealth of experience that can benefit other women who desperately need it. This exchange of know-how is often prevented by cultural, financial, time- or safety-related barriers.

Our platform breaks down these barriers - here, women in need of coaching & know-how can connect with women who are experts in a particular skill or field and are willing to coach others for free.

We are a Swiss non-profit organization founded in 2017 and have official tax-exempt status granted by the Canton of Geneva. We are a bit special… why? We have no paid staff, no overhead costs, and 100% of what we receive goes directly to our platform and outreach that empowers women. Our community counts over 200 women (fast growing) from different countries who help each other by offering / receiving free coaching.

Our small but mighty team is based on three continents. We are based in Geneva - and in Switzerland is also our Director as well as two board members. Two other board members are in South Africa and the USA. We all share a passion for helping women fulfil their potential, and have decided to do something against the many barriers that often exist. We all have children and in our professional lives work for a hospital, an educational institution, consulting firms and the United Nations.

Find us on social media: https://twitter.com/W2WCommunity https://www.facebook.com/W2WCommunity/ https://www.instagram.com/w2wcommunity/?hl=en

Our small but mighty team!
Our small but mighty team!

My project is special because ...

Women can thrive when they support each other! While basic education is in many countries now secured, many women in their adult years lack access to any support networks that help them in their professional and personal projects. And where such offers exist, often there cultural, financial, time- or safety-related barriers prevent many women from benefiting.

from woman to woman closes this gap. Female coaches can donate their time to help women in need of coaching. They can be coached virtually in the comfort of their home, at a time that fits their busy schedule!

You know what else is special about us? We are 100% volunteer-staffed, we do not have any overhead cost (no offices, no travel, etc.) and 100% of what we receive goes directly to the platform and outreach to empower women.

  • Magnifica Warmi - teaching environmental sustainability in Bolivia - was coached by a coach on our platform!
    Magnifica Warmi - teaching environmental sustainability in Bolivia - was coached by a coach on our platform!
  • Our platform in action - available coaches for «career advice for young professional»
    Our platform in action - available coaches for «career advice for young professional»

This is what I need backing for.

THANK YOU for helping us breaking down barriers and empowering women!

The first CHF 5’000 we will raise will go towards financing upgrades to our from woman to woman coaching platform (www.fromwomantowoman.org )

New functionalities, additional languages (currently only available in Spanish and English, Portuguese and German to follow) and creating free coaching resources for women. Also, our website, data maintenance and hosting costs will be covered throughout 2022!

As soon as the first milestone has been reached, another CHF 5’000 will go to training at least 3 women-centered NGOs in Bolivia, Brazil and Perú on how to best use our platform.

We will help these organizations to «digitalize» their coaching offer for women and multiply the number of women they can reach and positively impact!

Thanks to your generous financial support, at least 200 women will receive much needed coaching in 2022. Often, such women later go and coach other women - so there is a great multiplication effect! For every CHF 50 donated, one woman will have access to tailor-made coaching to achieve her full potential.