CD «Encounters»

This new CD is to be my next musical step following the CD «DIALOGE» that I recorded with just recorder and percussion, going now into a wider field of unusual encounters.

The special about this project

The planed CD project promises an exciting listening experience full of unexpected Duos and Trios. The choice not only of the different styles of music but also in the unusual combinations of instruments and musicians makes this an all round fascinating project. The bringing together of the foreign and the familiar is a theme of present-day importance not only in the music world but all facets of political and social life.

Each Track will be a different Duo or Trio combination, an exciting new «contact». The recorder will be on all tracks exhibiting all its different forms and sizes.

It is a choice of these «Encounters» that I will now be bringing together on one CD.


The pioneer

While most of the world was in the middle of Beatles mania of 60’s, the dutch recorder player Frans Brüggen (1934-2014) woke the recorder, like «sleeping beauty», to new life and virtuos prestige. He became famous for his interpretation of Early Music.

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The lover

And if that wasn´t enough – James Dean also discovered the merits of the recorder.


My dedication

Since my teens I have been infected by the sound of the recorder and I would now like to dedicate my new CD to Frans Brüggen.

The Focus is on

  • Early Music – e.g.: J.S.Bach, M.Marais, G.Ph.Telemann –performed by the recorder in never-before-heard constellations.
  • The recorder confronted with music from different cultures, traditions and eras e.g. H.v.Bingen, F.Schubert and E.Satie.
  • Setting the recorder free from it´s world of classical notation in a meeting with improvisation techniques, electronics and split sounds full of overtones.

Recording all these different Soundscapes in the best circumstances possible and bringing them together on one CD – Fresh wind for recorder fans and hopefully for all music lovers.

Your help

Because of the abnormally high costs due to the number of musicians and that we will be recording at different times and in different places, we need your help to finance the complete project from engineer to finished product.

  • Although my guests have generously promised to play for only a small fee there are still travel, board and catering costs to be carried along with
  • the costs for the recording engineers, cover and booklet design,
  • Photography, Mastering and Pressing

Your support shall be playing a large and important role in making this music project actually happen – come and join us on this journey full of exciting new «ENCOUNTERS»!

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The schedule

We are planning to record over a period of approx. 6 months – from winter 2014 till summer 2015. We will be documenting the whole process, so that you can follow our progress along the way in internet and on «News».

The guests in detail

  • frame drum and berimbao (Mike Turnbull)
  • sounds of piano (Helmut Bieler Wendt)
  • recorder&recorder&recorder (Matthias Maute and Sophie Larivierre)
  • bass & electronics (Stefan Weeke)
  • russian dulcimer (Irina Shilina)
  • viola da gamba (Sabine Kreutzberger)
  • fortepiano (Dietlind-Maria Stropahl)
  • e-guitar (Mickey Meinert)
  • marimba (Andrey Doynikov)
  • violoncello (Willem Schulz)
  • violin (Judith Krins)
  • baroque cello (Konstanze Waidosch)
  • and the composer Fritz Keil (2014, Vienna)

... and the engineering

Leo Waidosch will be the main sound engineer for all of the recordings – a young man with exactly the right experience for this very wide scope of music.



A thank you on all my instrument makers F.Morgan (Australia), G.Klemisch (Berlin), A.Schwob (Schweiz), E.Meier (Schweiz), J.L.Boudreau (Kanada), St.Blezinger (BRD), T.Cranmore (USA), H.& M.Köllner-Dives (BRD), u.a.

All Pictures on this site (except of J.Dean) are from Mike Turnbull

In this clip you can find our music to the previous CD «DIALOGE»:

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops, video was removed by project initiator.