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Want to take up this challenge and follow the invitation of the Spartanburg Art Museum!

From friBOURG to spartanBURG!

With this crowdfunding, we will fund a part of the travel cost of the six artists who could go to the exhibition opening on Thursday, November 7 and also pay for the shipping charges of the 27 selected works to Spartanburg. Thus, we would have the privilege of knowing the Swiss families who would welcome us in their homes and fund for the return of our works.

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A project without age limit!

  • Hafis Bertschinger, Painter and Sculptor, 80
  • Magdolna Rubin, Architect and Painter, 77
  • André Sugnaux, Painter, 69
  • Marie Vieli, Painter, 52
  • Cornelia Patthey, Painter, 52
  • Olivier Zappelli, Painter, 47
  • Catherine Liechti, Painter, 42
  • Francesco Ragusa, Photographer, 34
  • Karin Kurzmeyer, Conceptual Artist Karin, 25

Our ambassadors!

Marie, Karin, Cornelia, Hafis, Olivier and Francesco would be travelling. With their enthusiasm, they will be able to convey our work and our culture to South Carolina.

Package works!

Thursday, September 5th we put in our gorgeous case, (sponsored by the workshops of the Gérine) works to cross the Atlantic. We presented the We Make it to our guests and drank the project. Thank you for your presence at this event.

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Thank you!

To all of you and to all the other contributors who have already invest a lot of their time and resources in this project.