The Gallery is closed - but I wear Art!

Normal exhibitions are not possible, but we want to bring our art to you - on T-Shirts that we will have printed with reproducions of our paintings. When you wear one of those T-Shirts you carry the art onto the street. You bring it to all the people you meet and talk to - and so become part of our exhibition.

In addition to the motive we will have th title of the painting printed onto the T-Shirts, as well as our slogan «The gallery is closed but I wear art».

Underneath you see 2 of the pictures we want to put onto the shirts: «Outfox the Fox» & «Lass die Sau raus (Turn the pig losse)».

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What do we want your support for?

When people can’t come to the art, art has to come to the people - that’s what we thought. So let’s try to do it together! With your support you help us bring our art to the people and make it visible in public spaces again - so that it may move or delight people or give them something to think about. Everywhere! Everywhere, where you are! Because you carry the gallery onto the streets!

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This is what we will do precisely:

  • ART-SHIRTS: we will take high quality fotographs of the 2 paintings «Outfox the Fox» and «Lass die Sau raus (Turn the pig loose)», retouch them for printing, add the titles and slogan and have the shirts printed

  • VOTING-SHIRTS: we will have 2 votings with 2 of our paintings in each voting. Two motives will win their voting! These we will take high quality fotographs of, retouch them for printing, add title and slogan, and have the shirts printed. Underneath you can see the paintings for both «VOTING A» & «VOTING B»!

  • UNIQUE SHIRT-PAINTING: we will paint a picture directly onto a T-Shirt for one of you - thereby creating a unique and very personal piece of art, that you can carry with you everywhere. Let us know your thoughts, dreams and wishes and whatever moves you and we will take that as input for this unique shirt-painting.

INFORMATION / T-SHIRTS: We have found T-Shirts that are produced fair and sustainable due to manufacturer information and will use these. They will be printed in Germany. They are shortsleeved T-Shirts. You can choose the size: Size Info / chest width (circa): S=45 cm / M=51 cm / L=56 cm / XL=61 cm / XXL=66 cm / 3XL=71 cm / 4XL=76 cm / 5XL=81 cm

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