We are creating a song called «Geneva».
Popular music, with a Hip-Hop touch.
We will highlight the diverse mix of nationalities and ethnicities that you can find in a cosmopolitan city.

CHF 5’175

172% of CHF 3’000

172 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 23/8/2018

Let's celebrate diversity!

This project highlights diversity. The song ’’Geneva’’ is a collaboration between several musical artists: Stefano Pollastri, Geni Deli and Jaumesse.

This collaboration will give birth to a song and a music video. We look forward to sharing them with you!

We also support the association ’’On va parler ensemble’’, who answers to the needs of migrants and promotes their integration in the swiss society.

The association: On va parler ensemble

Half of the money we raise will be donated to an important cause which is very close to our hearts, ’’On va parler ensemble’’.

'’On va parler ensemble’’ is a non-profit organization based in Geneva. They support the process of integration of migrants arriving in Geneva, offering a meeting point that allows them to learn the french language and find primary information. Several projects and events are being developed there.

We Need Your Support !

The project has so far been self-financing. Now we are asking for your support because we would love to take the project to another level.

We need your help to complete our venture ’’Geneva’’ in the best possible way. As well as to provide the opportunity to the association ’’On va parler ensemble’’ to create new projects.

Your contribution will support :

  • The recording and mixing of the song ’’Geneva’’
  • The shooting of its music video
  • The development and activities of ’’On va parler ensemble’’

Music crew:

  • Composer: Stefano Pollastri
  • Lyricists: Stefano Pollastri & Jaumesse
  • Singer: Geni Deli
  • Rapper: Stefano Pollastri
  • Rapper: Jaumesse
  • Beatboxer: Ecoz
  • Guitarist: Luca Cardello
  • Bassist: Raffaele Zannoni
  • Drummer: Fabio Pollastri

Film crew:

  • Film Producers: Creamorphic
  • Director: Jaumesse
  • Actress: Ayooshee Dookhee
  • Photographer: Gio’s Photography
  • Make-up artists: Nguyet Ifkovits & Anouk-Eva Meyer

On va parler ensemble:

  • Founders: Pablo Gàmez Burgos et Marina Serra Jordana


  • Stefano Pollastri, Geni Deli and Jaumesse
    Stefano Pollastri, Geni Deli and Jaumesse
  • Creamorphic
  • Geneva Together Project
    Geneva Together Project