My name is Stuart Brown, I am 53 years old, married and have three children. I grew up in South Africa, but have been living in Switzerland for many years. I am at home here in Bad Ragaz where I am very happy. I am a ¨Jack of all Trade’s¨ and have worked in many different branches where I have gained much experience. I am enjoying the challenges of being self-employed and developing my own product.


Long and interesting journey

During the last exciting 4 years I have succeeded in developing a training tool for both climbers and non climbers. The Torque Trainer, torque means the resistance to twisting, is the first of it’s kind and enables its user a very good full body training without actually going climbing. I have created a special A-Z training concept so that the Torque Trainer can be used at home and bring the user maximum and efficient training results. So far I have had success in many branches. Along with climbers and climbing gyms I can also count fitness studios and physiotherapists to my clientele. Despite very good and positive feed back from my clients there has been a very slow flow of new clients.

My Goal

I am convinced that a structured marketing strategy will increase the awareness of the Torque Trainer brand and lead to many more satisfied clients. I am lacking the necessary finance for the next step and this marketing strategy. Brochures, posters and exhibitions cost a lot of money, a stand at the FitnessExpo in Basel is planed. With your help the next step will be possible. Choose one of the Rewards that I have to offer you and become a member of the ¨GET FIT…. CLIMB!¨ Community.

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Climbing at home?

Ever thought it would be cool to have a climbing wall at home in the spare room, cellar, in the kids bedroom or in the garden? Well, the Torque Trainer is that product I have developed for you.

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I am giving a once off, special discount of 5%, 10% or 15% on the Torque Trainer rewards as a token of my appreciation for your support. The Torque Trainer rewards are hand made by myself, and I will also personally deliver and install your Torque Trainer. Do not forget that the training concept and videos for climbers and non climbers will be new and up graded and you will be the first to enjoy them! You also have the great opportunity to visit me at my stand at the FitnessExpo in Basel. All posters will be signed by me and with a big thank you!

A small charge will be calculated and added to Torque Trainer deliveries outside Switzerland.