That’s us

Hi, we are FAMP – you may know us from musicvideos like GIANTS SHOW ME THE WORLD


Our new album E X I S T is laying pressed and beautiful in front of us.

We are strongly convinced, that this is the best music we’ve ever made and that is why we want to show you every single song LIVE. We have the opportunity to support our beloved partners in crime Killerpilze on their tour and play some headliner shows on our own:

And now it’s your turn:

All our money and the money of our grandparents went into this album (production, recording, mixing, mastering, pressing, promo, artwork) so there is no budget for a tour (gas, hotel, food, promo). If you believe in us and want to see us LIVE, help us out and get yourself one or more Packages, all of them come from the bottom of our hearts. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS