The project

After a first EP out in 2016 and a remix last year, I want to finalize my new EP: 5 tracks, for 25 minutes of music in total. The tracks are already written, but now I need your help to finance professional mixing and mastering, as well as for the creation of 5 videos and a set of USB thumb drives serving as physical support for the EP.

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5 new tracks + 5 videos

My music has a clear experimental aim. But this upcoming EP has been written with a larger audience in mind. I’ve attempted to create a hybrid of exotic sounds and striking chords, all the while very rhythmic so that it’s playable even on a dancefloor!

Music is one thing, physical support is another! As I like to take extreme care to my compositions, the USB thumb drive will be crafted to the very last details. By choosing the corresponding backer reward, you will become the owner of a mesmerizing object.

As for the videos, they will allow me to share the details of the songwriting process, as well as my personal universe. They will also serve as a great promotion vector, as the visual media is so crucial nowadays.

But all of this won’t be possible without you! Your help will be very precious to me as it will allow me to give life to all of this.

With your help, I hope to be able to share this great adventure with you all!

Take care, Ghost Day

What will your support help achieve?

  • Finance the cost of professional mixing and mastering
  • Finance the costs related to producing the videos (crew and equipment)
  • Finance the creation of the USB thumb drives (custom graphic design and packaging)

So far, I’ve already taken care of :

  • The graphic guidelines / atmosphere (photoshoot, album cover, website and other media)
  • The costs related to professional advertisement of the EP
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