Make it sounds better!

We are music composers, producers and editors. We’ve decided to team-up and build a focal point, dedicated to music production for movies, and teaching.

Everything began 3 years ago, in an old butchery in Aubonne, and we are now in a new art centre in Etoy called Les Ateliers de La Côte.

Thanks to you, we will be able to equip our studios with even more powerful tools, allowing artists, students and teachers to express themselves, in an environment worthy of their talent.


Why we do it?

The majority of our music production tools have been brought by the creators of the project. However, we need to find funds for more scoring tools and specifics assets, so we could expand our services and welcome more musicians.

By supporting this project, you give us the opportunity to get:

  • new instruments for our music classes (guitars, drums and keyboards)

  • additional music composition software

  • pieces of furniture and air-conditioning

  • audio cables and microphones for recording

  • additional audio monitors and a new control surface

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What does the studio look like?

Currently, the new studio has:

  • 1 control room used for creating and mixing music for Tv and music projects

  • 1 composition room used for soundtrack creation using acoustic instruments

  • 1 recording booth with an acoustic drum kit, that can also be used for vocal recordings

  • 1 live room

We teach music in the studio. We find important to mix students and music professionals in the same place. Therefore, they have the opportunity to record at any time and are connected with the reality of music industry.

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