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«All the tips and itineraries for a great holiday»

The goal is to create an internet platform dedicated to all those - couples, families, singles, groups - who do not have the time to plan and organize their holidays themselves.

It’s up to us to visit the places and cities of Europe, to create easygoing itineraries, saving you time, a commodity increasingly scarce in today’s hectic everyday life.

The guide will be available in 4 languages (Italian, French, German and English) to reach a wider circle of holidaymakers.

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What's special about my project.

Visit appealing and unusual places. Give a cultural and at the same time pleasant hallmark to your trips, without spending more than necessary.

This is not the usual guide, but a proposal for daily itineraries for everyone.


This is what I need backing for.

The purpose of crowdfunding is to complete the first 4 destinations.

Would you like to know more about us? Visit «ginkotours.com»