Debut-CD of Giraud Ensemble «Primus»

  • Why PRIMUS? FIRST CD of Giraud Ensemble
  • Why wemakeit FOR Giraud Ensemble? WE need your help to MAKE this CD and as a result you’ll get not the only CD, but that feeling when you realize that without your help IT wouldn’t exist.
  • Why now? As a result of the FIRST-year-existance of our Ensemble

So what is Primus?

  • FIRST Piano Concerto by D.Shostakovich with Yulia Miloslavskaya as a soloist
  • FIRST Violin Concerto by P.Vasks with Rustem Monasypov as a soloist

And something special?

  • Concerto for trumpet, piano and chamber orchestra by Swiss composer Alfred Baum with Guillaume Thoraval as a soloist

About us:

The Giraud Ensemble is a group of professional, classical musicians who loves music and wants to share it with the audience. Their focus is not only to perform unknown or rarely performed works, creating often a synthesis of them , but also to do so at unusual places , giving their performances a touch of extraordinary.

The group is very flexible, hence the musicians do not limit themselves within a certain style or with the size of the ensemble.

All the musicians are experienced and demand professionals. They are winners of many well-known competitions and had opportunities to play in such a prestigious concert halls like Royal Albert Hall London, Suntory Hall Tokyo, Tchaikovsky Hall Moscow, Konzerthaus Berlin, Philharmonic Hall St.-Petersburg, George Hall Toronto, Carnegie Hall, Tonhalle Zurich etc.

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This is why we need you

In order to release our CD, a total sum of CHF 8’000 (from a total budget amounting to CHF 18’000) needs to be raised. By giving us your support, we will be able to cover the following costs:

  • Costs for recording and editing
  • Production of the CD-Booklets