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The Earth Meditation Experience

The Earth Meditation Movement is improving the connection between humanity and planet Earth by globally establishing the easily accessible Earth Meditation. It enables everyone to express their love and gratitude for the planet, nature and the miracle of existence in general.

The aim is simple yet ambitious: to align the minds and hearts of meditators globally, represented by the milestone of one million people all over the world through a short and powerful «Earth Meditation’’ practiced at least once over a period of 36 months. The movement was launched on the 1st of June 2021.

Since then, the Earth Meditation Movement has made a respectable impact: more than 4’700 individuals from more than 60 countries have meditated. A team of almost one hundred volunteers from 25 countries rallied to realise that vision. A movement is not only measured by the extent of its global reach, the amount of participants, or its social impact. In our view, a successful movement is defined primarily by the impact it has on participants, how profound its initiatives are among individuals, and how lasting their impact is. With a focus on love and gratitude, the Earth Meditation empowers individuals and strengthens the collective core of humans: the wish for a better world. Being aligned as a global movement gives courage to focus on the necessary solutions for our future and that of future generations.

The Earth Meditation Movement purposefully connects people with themselves, with each other and with Mother Earth, while fundamentally deepening those connections. The heartfelt testimonials that we have received from meditators across the world is a testament to those deepening connections.


Make a present to Earth

Expressing love and gratitude instantly changes your mood and self-perception.

Each time the Earth Meditation is changing someone’s world, the world is being changed.

The origin of the Earth Meditation is unconditional love and it culminates in love. This all-pervading Love is the essence and the foundation of the Earth Meditation and the Movement.

Sharing and spreading Love and positivity is thus the primary focus and intention of the Earth Meditation Movement (EMM).


Your support to achieve the next milestones

We are looking to raise 15’000€ for the next two seasons (6 months). After building the movement for almost one year, we are now actively reaching out to ask for a contribution that will enable the movement to scale further.

With your assistance, we aim to:

  • give the website a facelift and make it more responsive and user oriented,
  • add 15 translations to the website,
  • add a minimum of 20 new countries to the EMM globe,
  • create more impactful social media campaigns,
  • involve influencers and multipliers,
  • reach more than 10’000 new global meditators, and
  • expand the Army of Love Warriors.

You can support our growing movement with a contribution that can range from as little as 10€ to as much as 1’000€. To show our appreciation we have created personalised perks.