Global Science Film Festival

by Silvie Cuperus and Samer Angelone

Zürich and Basel

Since 2017, the Global Science Film Festival brings society, filmmakers and scientists together in the cinema. Support us and help make the Film Festival 2024 an unforgettable experience for all!

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Successfully concluded on 18/4/2024

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The festival program has not yet been determined yet. We are in the process of selecting the films for the festival.

Which topics are you particularly interested in? Which movie would you like to see at the festival?

Let last year’s program inspire you. You can find it here

We are look forward to your inputs!

Call for Film SubmissionsBy Silvie Cuperus, on 09/03/2024

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Attention researchers and filmmakers! The Global Science Film Festival 2024 is now accepting submissions for its film competition. Whether you’re a seasoned science filmmaker or an aspiring storyteller, we invite you to submit your work for the «Scientists-as-Filmmakers» category.

The selected films will be screened at the film festival in Zurich, Bern, Lugano and Basel. Don’t miss the chance to share your vision and inspire others with your passion for science stories.

Submit your film here: