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by Mirabelle


I have been endorsed by the Arts Council England with a Global Talent Visa to work in the U.K. for the next 5 years. I am now reaching out for help to pay for its rather epic costs.

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A Swiss in London

It is really important for me to live and work in the U.K. today. I have built a massive part of my artistic career and persona in this country. This video made in London gives you a little taste of what I love about the British way of doing things.

I have wanted to turn this crowdfunding into an artistic project. Therefore I hired a brilliant friend actor director and film maker Dominic Eden Owen. He wrote the concept of the campaign video, filmed and edited the whole thing with humour, precision and sparkles. I am as proud as punch to share his work with you!

Blue Beard, directed by Emma Rice (credit: Steve Tanner)
Blue Beard, directed by Emma Rice (credit: Steve Tanner)

The reality post Brexit

After obtaining my B.A. in physical theatre the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland, I moved to London to do a Post Graduate Diploma in contemporary dance at the Trinity Laban Conservatory. As an artist with a Swiss nationality, I could kick off my career without any issues in the U.K. until Brexit happened. The pandemic brought me back to Switzerland, and once the industry was back on its feet and I wanted to come back to U.K. everything started to be much more complicated.

I have been working in the U.K. for the last 3 years with 3 months visas. After three months I had to leave the country only to come back the next day and ask for another 3 months visa. Each one required a sponsor from a well known artistic company or institution. As you probably have gathered, is it far from ideal and definitely not sustainable long term. Hence why, I have applied for this prestigious and expensive Global Talent Visa for the next five years.

Mangata, directed by Joelle Richard (credit: Francois Vermot)
Mangata, directed by Joelle Richard (credit: Francois Vermot)

Your support will help me cover a part of the costs

In order to send my application and for it to be evaluated by the Home Office validating the presence of foreign artists, as well as the immigration office, I had to pay a hell of a lot of money! A total of 6’334 GBP.

Here are the details of the costs: Global Talent Visa (Stage One) Applying for endorsement Amount: 524 GBP registration fee Content: I had to prove my credibility as a professional artist with letters of recommandations from reputed institutions or directors in England and in Switzerland. I also had to add some medias recognition with articles and show reviews mentioning my name in well known newspapers such as «The Guardian» or «The Times» as well in Swiss medias.

Global Talent Visa (stage two) Amount: 192 GBP registration fee 5’175 GBP Healthcare charge to have access to NHS for 5 years 143 GBP Appointment at the immigration office fee

Making of the video to advertise this campaign : 300 GBP

This wemakeit page is to help me cover the healthcare charge and if it is successful and more it might help me cover more of the total costs.

Portrait by Dom Eden Owen
Portrait by Dom Eden Owen