Goddesses among us, what is it?

It is in the heart of the Swiss mountains that this story begins, that of a bearded artist, known as Fizzy Beard. Tired of the disappointing behavior of his species, he isolated himself in nature and it was there that he was invested with a divine mission: to find the hidden goddesses of this world and to succeed in convincing them to transmit his message of awakening. spiritual and musical. Carried by the influences of rock and my passion for the guitar, I composed eleven songs in which I evolve in airy and symphonic atmospheres, inspired by my practice of the piano. All orchestrated by my love of electronic music, I managed to convince talented artists to sing on this album which will feature eleven stories of life, questions and convictions.


A real pilgrimage

An epic adventure to bring together these 7 singers present on this first opus:

  • Anneke Van Giersbergen
  • Vita and the Wolfe
  • Jades Goudreault
  • Jes Hudak
  • Krystal Roze
  • Jessanna
  • Mia Oud

What will your support be used for?

Your precious and generous donations will be used to:

  • pay the sound engineer who works for one of the biggest studios in LA
  • finance the video clip of the 1st track with the exceptional participation of Anneke Van Giersbergen.
  • vinyl production
  • make you experience a moment of musical escape
  • to contribute to a better world