What is ...?

Professional guitarist Dragan Pijetlovic and vocalist/actor Frank Wenzel have known each other since their school days. With Goldbarne, they decided to unite their talents and create a sound that is luminous, sad and quietly grand. The two invited bassist Marian Rivar to round out their earthy, velvety sound. The resulting songs are minimal, yet skillfully executed, and combine folk music, jazz and alternative pop. Goldbarne’s members are originally from Baselland and Solothurn, and are based in Bern/Luzern, where they recorded their debut album.

Why you should back this project

In order to deliver a record that satisfies the highest standards, they are turning to wemakeit.ch to ensure the proper funding that a professional production requires. The CHF 3000 will be used for mastering, press (CD and deluxe sleeve), website design and guest musicians.

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