Goldbarne – «Wintergreen»

by Frank Lumière

Bern and Basel

Goldbarne is back! We’ve recorded new songs and cannot wait to release our sophomore record, «Wintergreen»! We invite you to become a part of our team and support us!

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Three years ago, we released our debut album in cooperation with Wemakeit. Since then, we’ve been writing, rehearsing and playing live all over Switzerland. Now, we are ready to show you our most tender, wild and intimate songs to date!

We are:

  • Frank Wenzel (vocalist/lyrics)
  • Dragan Pijetlovic (guitars/arrangements)
  • Marian Rivar (double bass)

Goldbarne’s music is intimate, tender, wild and full of hope. Together, we unite our individual backgrounds: the sounds and vibes of folk-pop and blues, the intricate weavings and rhythms found in jazz and the rich history and atmosphere of classical music. Our poetic and contemplative lyrics describe what we see, feel and hear.

Since the release of our debut, we played concerts all over Switzerland and performed at festivals like Bscene in Basel and Stimmen-Festival in Lörrach. We als performed live on set at joiz TV and got played on many national and international radio stations.

It’s time!

We started working on our second release in the Summer of 15 and haven’t taken a break ever since: after an amazing recording session at Audiolager in Bern with acclaimed percussionist Valeria Zangger, we got in touch with illustrators and video producers and are now ready to put the finishing touches on our songs in the final mix.

Please support us!

Please help us cover our last few expenses – we got a entire set of rewards for you! And if you live outside of Switzerland and feel like donating a little extra: don’t fret! we may not be able to fly you over to Basel or Bern, but our creative minds will certainly come up with the right reward for you!

We are absolutely convinced that we have surpassed ourselves with «Wintergreen» and can hardly wait to show you what we have been working on!

Please join us and become a part of our extended team!